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“Robert Weiss has been a client of our bank for over 25 years. He has always presented himself with integrity and as a dedicated professional. It has been a distinct pleasure to assist him and Weiss Properties with their many real estate projects in New Jersey, and we look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship.”

Mr. Weiss has earned my utmost respect as an extremely intelligent, fair and honest business owner. He is untiring in his efforts to ensure that all Weiss Properties projects are completed on time, at competitive prices, and are built to quality levels that exceed industry standards.

"Robert Weiss is the consummate development professional, taking great pride in every detail of his projects. Understanding his market and providing the targeted quality that they desire is his number one goal. Because of his long term perspective of ownership, quality and service characterize everything he does."

“When you work with Robert Weiss, his commitment to the real estate project at hand is nothing short of an immersion process. When he tackles a new venture, in any given area or market, he doesn’t merely take on an assignment. Rather, he draws lines in the map, changes the landscape for the better, raises the bar on a communal level and creates relationships which will withstand the test of time.”

“I find Robert Weiss and his team’s passion toward every detail to be refreshing and inspiring. I appreciate that he values my expertise in my field and challenges me to be better in all that I do. Every project I work on with Weiss Properties feels like a true partnership, and that is truly unique.”

“Weiss Properties recently purchased a property through Kislak. They are a dynamic and highly competent team of real estate professionals with a creative vision and investment strategy. It was my pleasure to work with Robert and his team and I look forward to doing so again soon.”

"Having provided engineering services for Weiss properties for many years I can personally attest to the professional high standards and ethics they hold. Robert Weiss and his team are detail oriented and extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of development. I only wish we had more clients like this!"

"Having known and worked with Robert Weiss for over 25 years both he and Weiss Properties have a very high standards of integrity when dealing with their clients and subcontractors. As a result, the building process becomes an open and honest partnership, which in this industry is something of a rare commodity."